Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Immigrant Experience: Wages

From: The NY State Dept. of Labor

(see also: National Employment Law Project NYC Study)

Investigation in Upscale Park Slope Neighborhood in Brooklyn
Department Makes Announcement as Part of National Wage Theft Day Commemoration

“In the vibrant Park Slope neighborhood, filled with writers, activists, and growing families, we found that many of the bustling restaurants were staffed by workers who were paid grossly illegal wages,” said Commissioner M. Patricia Smith. “This investigation shows that wage theft happens not only in dimly-lit factories or grim depressed neighborhoods -- it happens everywhere. Even our very nicest neighborhoods sometimes have sweatshops on their main streets. Today, during the National Day of Action to Stop Wage Theft, we continue to work for justice for these and other underpaid workers.”

New York State's minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, and employers are required to pay overtime for weekly hours past forty at one and one-half times the employee's regular pay rate. In certain limited cases, employers are permitted to pay a lower, “tipped” rate to employees who receive tips. However, employers must pay the appropriate wage to tipped employees and may not expect them to work for tips only.

After inspecting the 25 [restaurants] in Park Slope, the Department expanded the cases to include two jointly owned restaurants in adjacent neighborhoods. In total, 207 workers were underpaid more than $910,000. Some of the worst violations were for delivery employees working 60 to seventy hours per week and paid a salary of $210.00 to 275.00 per week. At one restaurant, workers were paid as little as $2.75 per hour.

From 11/19/2009


  1. did they mention which restaurants?

  2. From: The Brooklyn Paper

    "Here are all the restaurants named by the Labor Department for allegedly underpaying workers and deliverymen."

    Aunt Suzie’s (247 Fifth Ave.)
    Bagel World (339 Fifth Ave.)
    Red Hot Szechuan (347 Seventh Ave.)
    Uncle Moe’s (341 Seventh Ave.)
    Joe’s Pizza (137 Seventh Ave.)
    Mr. Wonton (73 Seventh Ave,)
    Sette (209 Seventh Ave.)
    Mezcal’s (396 Fifth Ave.)
    Baluchi’s (310 Fifth Ave.)
    Bogota Latin Bistro (141 Fifth Ave.)
    Coco Roco (392 Fifth Ave.)
    California Taqueria (72 Seventh Ave.)
    Miracle Grill (222 Seventh Ave.)
    Miriam Restaurant (79 Fifth Ave.)
    Nana (155 Fifth Ave.)
    Olive Vine Café(Both locations)
    Rachel’s Taqueria (408 Fifth Ave.)
    Song (295 Fifth Ave.)
    Sotto Voce (225 Seventh Ave.)
    Sweet Melissa Patisserie (175 Seventh Ave.)