Sunday, March 14, 2010

Richest Man in NYC

From: Forbes

He's the 23rd richest man in the world.  But with a net worth of only $18 billion, Michael Bloomberg has dropped out of the Top 20.  Nevertheless, he still holds his position in the city as the richest (and Mayor, of course).  The Americans above him are Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, and the heirs of Sam Walton.

Tweets from Underground


(2/23/2010)  In 2008, Times Sq-42 St (1,2,3,7,N,R,S,Q,W/A,C,E) with average weekday ridership of 189,507 ranked 1st. Historically has been.

(2/19/2010) NYC Transit annual ridership drops in 2009 for first time in six years, 2.31 billion served second highest since 1969.

Weakened economy & regional job losses led to drop; ridership down across the board by 2.7% or 63.5 million trips from 2008.  

Total 2009 subway ridership was 1.58 billion, 2nd highest since 1951, but 2.7 percent (44.2 million trips) off of 2008.

Average weekday ridership was 5.1 million in 2009, 2nd highest since 1952, but a 2.7 percent drop (139,000 trips) from 2008

Largest decrease in Manhattan, average weekday ridership down 3.6 percent. Queens down 2.5%, Bklyn 1.1%, Bronx down 0.6% . 


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

From: The Port Authority of NY & NJ

I don't know how useful these numbers are for tour guides, but they're absolutely fascinating to me.

JKF airport welcomed (in a down year) 47,322,573 passengers and crew flying during 2009.

The airport saw 414,920 flights over that time period.

Taxis were dispatched at a rate of more than 5 per minute every hour of every day of the year (2,798,833 total).

Airtrain brought nearly 4.5 million (4,499,935) passengers to the airport.

And 4,429,201 cars were parked at the massive Port Authority parking lots around the airport that year.

Up in the Air & Taxi Driver

From: The Port Authority of NY & NJ

Despite the fact that last year was the worst year for flight volume at area airports (The worst since 2004, according to the NY Times.) the numbers at Laguardia and Kennedy are impressive nonetheless.

In the 12 months of 2009 nearly 23 million (22,829,249) passengers passed through the airport on just under 354 thousand flights (353,834).

And when those passengers arrive in NYC they make their way home or to their hotels via nearly 3.25 million (3,247,619) taxis dispatched from the airport.

Nearly 1.5 million (1,467,839) cars were parked in the LGA parking lots over that year, waiting for their owners to return home.