Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Educational Facts

From: The New York Times and The Daily News

Interesting tidbits of information about the City's Department of Education came forth as the Chancellor's office changes hands:

NYC public schools have a budget of $23 billion, with 135,000 employees (80,000 of whom are teachers) and over 1 million students.

(According to the Department of Education website, the city runs nearly 1,700 schools and has a slightly smaller budget of $21 billion and a slightly higher enrollment of 1.1 million students.)

These statistics make it the largest single school system in America.

(Joel Klein, the outgoing Chancellor, had a tenure of eight years, longer than any other.  He was appointed to the position by Mayor Bloomberg in 2002 after the State Legislature ceded control of the school system to the Mayor's office.)

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